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Whether JEANS or WORKWEAR - UNDERWEAR or SPORTSWEAR - DECORATION for apparel or home textile

with our team at KANSAI SPECIAL EUROPE GmbH you find your key to high quality and cost efficient production with our machinery.

Overlock right (JJ5014GH) & left (JJL3014GH) head Automate

Kansai NR9803GALK - ABH3

Automatic bottom hemming


Kansai WFB5506PA-3WAC

Automatic waist band machine

WFB5506PA-3WAC.pdf (362.89KB)
WFB5506PA-3WAC.pdf (362.89KB)

Our latest overlock model


specially developed for piping on upholstery is now ready for delivery from Germany.

Also available now in quantity :

  • FBX1104P 1/4-1-1/4
  • NR9803GALK-UTA 7/32
  • NW8803GMG 1/4 with GMG in 7/32
  • FX4423PW-UTC 1/8

Please contact : sales@kansai-special de

Kansai FX4423PW-UTC

Kansai NC1001GUSJ-UTAB

Bottom hemming with the smallest cylinder in the world

Kansai BX1433P

Automatic endless sewing

of non-woven fabric

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